This idea that high sugar levels in the blood cannot be reversed is simply a myth and it is false.

There is a new natural remedy for diabetes which has helped so many diabetic men and women today

There have been over 6,500 testimonies in Nigeria alone. this solution for diabetes works for pre-diabetes and even type 1 diabetes… This solution helps to Normalise blood sugar/glucose Permanently and also repair The Pancreas To Function Normally.

I am not just here to advertise a product to you just because i want to get your attention but i want to inform you that the total freedom from the sickness that you desire is obtainable. I found this permanent cure for diabetes on facebook, and since then, the story has not been the same.

My aunt is a retired civil servant and she suffered from Diabetes for so many years until i found a cure for her high blood sugar.

She got tired of pricking her fingers everyday with painful needles. she was very anxious and stressed about tracking her blood sugar and all the horror stories she heard about people loosing their legs, eyes, hands and other body parts because of high blood sugar.

The whole essence is inform people of the permanent remedy for high blood sugar instead of spending so much money on servicing the condition.

yes, you are servicing the condition with your hard earned money and yet no drug has been able to cure you permanently. This is because the doctors and pharmacies only give you drugs that help you manage the condition and they haven’t given you a permanent cure.

Over $200 billion is made annually by pharmaceutical companies and doctors for diabetes treatment and management alone. That is why they always say THERE IS NO CURE BUT THE DOCTOR CAN GIVE YOU MEDICINE THAT WILL CONTROL YOUR BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL.

My Aunt always had to worry about which foods would send her blood sugar off the charts. She was stuck eating bland and boring meals.

I spent so much money on her drugs and medications. I tried the other diabetes medications that her doctor recommended. none of them worked. She would only feel nauseous all the time.

I couldn’t relax because of my mom’s blood sugar, and i wish I could get her back to normal.

Just a few days after, i heard that my Aunt had fainted and she was rushed to the hospital.

When i got there, all my siblings were already present  the doctor came in and explained what happened

“You went into a diabetic coma,” said the doctor. Her blood glucose level was at 1,174. The doctor cleared his throat like he was nervous about telling us something even worse

“Because her diabetes is so advanced, we’ll need to amputate her legs… I’ve scheduled the surgery for this afternoon.”

“No!” I said to the doctor “Absolutely not.”

“I’m sorry,” the doctor insisted, “We can give her another few years to live, but we have to operate immediately.”

I started crying and i got lost in thoughts. I didn’t believe it. The doctor had to be wrong.

I didnt want my Aunt to be crippled for the rest of her life. It was like they had ripped away her golden years of retirement, robbed her of her chance to meet her grandchildren, and destroyed the life she worked so hard to build.

“there is no way you’re cutting off her legs today.” i said

“The longest we can wait to amputate is 90 days,” said the doctor. “If we wait any longer, it will be too dangerous.”

we all went home, my Aunt had to be relocated to stay with one of my older siblings. I was so pained and i was drowning in thoughts. I love my Aunt so much that i wouldn’t wanna see her in her normal state or condition.

I was ready to give up But then, a Facebook post saved me.

My friend shared an article about a powerful solution being distributed by a particular company called Norland. The product was produced base on rogue diabetes researcher by named Roy Taylor shared;

He’s a medical doctor and professor of medicine and metabolism at Newcastle University.

If you haven’t heard of Newcastle University, it’s in England, and it’s one of the most respected universities in the world, right up there with Harvard or Oxford. Other universities look to Newcastle as a pioneer in health research. Its professors and alumni have received numerous awards and medals for their achievements in science and medicine. More importantly, they’ve saved millions of lives by curing and preventing diseases

Here’s what Dr. Taylor discovered: fat deposits around the pancreas are the primary cause of the disease.

Dr. Taylor gave this same solution I am talking about to people with Type 2 Diabetes from all walks of life: men, women, young, old, the newly diagnosed and people who’d had the disease for decades…
The results were amazing

Everyone who completed the supplement saw the fat deposits around their pancreas disappear, their blood sugar normalizes, and their Type 2 Diabetes reversed.

Every single person was able to stop taking their medication.

Remember, these results were peer reviewed in the medical journal Diabetologia, which means other researchers tested them for accuracy with the utmost scrutiny.

When I read how successful this was, I was both excited and furious.
Excited because now I had hope for the future.

And furious because Dr. Taylor talked about this solution several years ago.

“Why wasn’t this the first thing her doctor told her when she was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?”

I started using the supplement that was produced based on Dr. Taylor researched (The exact supplement I want to show you) on my mom;
I tried it out, and it worked…

After just 3 months, her blood glucose levels were normal… and she didn’t need injections.

I noticed….

If we boost her metabolism, then her disease can’t come back.

Can you imagine how excited I was?

With this latest discovery…

we actually reversed my aunt’s Type 2 Diabetes.
Then came the day we had been dreading: Her next appointment with the doctor.

He wanted to check how she was doing…

And schedule the surgery to amputate her legs.

we went to the hospital, they did the tests, and we all waited in the exam room.

Finally, the doctor came back.

“What did you do?” he asked, looking at his clipboard.
For a second, I thought he was mad at us.

“What did you change?” he asked again. “A new diet?”

I told him about jumpstarting her pancrease
… with this supplement i want to show you. I told him how Dr Taylor did a research based on the supplement and how it was produced based on his research.

“Well,” said the doctor, “that just saved your aunt’s legs, and her life.

“We don’t need to amputate. And as healthy as these tests look, she could live to be a hundred.

“3 months ago your aunt had about the worst case of Type 2 Diabetes I’ve ever seen. And now it’s like she never had it at all. It’s a miracle.”

I want you to imagine what it felt like to hear the doctor say “your mother’s diabetes has disappeared.”

Suddenly, I had my whole life ahead of me.

my aunt was finally free and i could see the joy in her.

There are over 7 MILLION Nigerians today with pre-diabetes. This is a major precursor and untreated will become type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms include…

  1. Always Thirsty
  2. Blurry Vision
  3. Wounds that won’t heal
  4. Always hungry
  5. Always Tired
  6. Sexual problems
  7. Frequent urination
  8. Numbness/Tingling of hands and feet


Sounds Familiar?

4 out of 5 people with diabetes will either:

Be slowly and irreversibly poisoned as their kidneys fail, Go permanently blind, Need legs amputated due to nerve damage,
or suffer from heart disease, the #1 killer of women in the Nigeria.
Diabetes Kills more people EVERY YEAR than AIDS and Breast Cancer combined, It shortens your life expectancy by 13.5 years, on the average.

And Yet Your Doctor Tells You There is ‘’No cure’’…

My siblings and I decided to form a group of people who know the truth about the real cause of Type 2 Diabetes, and the secret to jumpstarting your pancreas so you can throw away your medication.

We started with friends, family, and neighbours – anyone we knew who suffered from Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. We shared the story, and invited them to try out the exact solution we had used.

I couldn’t believe the results…

Everyone who completed the 3 months’ treatment reversed their Type 2 Diabetes.

They couldn’t thank us enough. People all over the world are using this solution

And it’s working perfectly well. This solution has been saving lives, and giving people hope and optimism about the future.

If you’ve gone through this page to this length, then I think you’re ready to be part of this exclusive group of people. I want you to have your very own bottle(s) of this powerful solution.

I want you to be one of the few who knows how to Destroy Your Type 2 Diabetes or Pre-diabetes…

Here is the powerful diabetes destroyer and blood sugar normaliser product (supplement) I’ve been talking about…



Norland Healthway Capsules is very effective in managing diabetes.

  • It works by smooth sugar lowering, activation of islets, regulates/stabilizes blood sugar (high and low) and prevents complications.

Main Ingredients: Chinese wolfberry extractive, ginseng extract, chromium yeast, selenium yeast, zinc lactate, salad oil, beeswax, soybean lecithin, gelatin, glycertin, purified water, titanium dioxide, and egg yoke pigmentation (mountain lemon yellow, sunset yellow and sodium chloride)

Symbolic Ingredients and Contents: Each 100g contains Chrome 14.1mg, crude polysaccharide 160mg

Health Function: Assist in regulating blood glucose level

Suitable for: People with high blood glucose

Unsuitable for: Children

Usage and Dosage: 1 capsule once a day per, 30 mins before breakfast

Specification: 800mg/capsule

Shelf life: 24 months

Production and Expiration Date: On container

Storage Method: Sealed and kept in a cool dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

Precautions: This product cannot replace the medicine; nutrients are added in the products, and it is advised not to exceed recommended dosage if taking with similar nutrients; not applicable to people living in areas with high content of selenium. – What This means is, if you are using lente iletin or any diabetes medication given to you by your doctor, you are advise to keep using it. Once you start seeing changes. you can decide to inform your doctor about it.

Approval Number: GSJZG20070172

Executive Standard Number: Q/BFDLS 0063J

Manufacturer: Beijing North Continent Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: No 9, Ziguang East Road, Badaling Industrial Development Zone, Yanqing County, Beijing

Food Hygiene License: (JSY) WSZZi (2006) NO. 110000-JS0167 – This shows its has gone through international standard!

Place of Origin: Yanqing, Beijing, China

All these details about the products shows its of international standard. its not like any of those products you see. this one is known for its effectiveness. 

  • Healthway Capsules helps to Restores the function of the pancreas to secrete lente iletin. Reduces blood sugar level. Very potent and very effective supplement.

You can see the ingredient and other useful information on the bottle of the product once you get yours.

It contains 30 capsules which you’re expected to take 1 capsules daily. FOR NO REASON SHOULD YOU TAKE MORE THAN 1 capsules daily.


*However, they are individual results and results do vary. We do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.

Testimony 1:


I thought my Doctor was helping before I found  this Capsule, My Dr told me that my blood sugar is beyond remedies except I leave work for a while and see what happens but thank God I gave a try, My diabetics just confirmed totally healed. I can’t thank you enough for this great discovery. 


Mr. Chime, Enugu


Testimony 2:


“I wish I can express my heart, Just a whole lot of thanks for introducing me to this Capsule. It worked magic for my husband who suffers for diabetes for years, and all I can say is that I am now a total believer in anything natural. God bless!”

Mrs. Aniekebo Port Harcourt.


Testimony 3:


“I want to recommend this hypoglycemic capsule for anyone that wants to free themselves from Diabetics. I tried just about every treatment out there, but it only got more expensive and potentially dangerous on the long run. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest product, my very high Blood Sugar symptoms vanished, and it’s been over 5 months that it has not returned” I bought for my mum I hope to hear good news soon.”

Mallam Isa Lawali. Kaduna state


Well, in Dr. Taylor tested people at 90 days, and then at 60 days.

By 60 days, about 50% of the participants had normal blood glucose levels.

By 90 days, 100% of the participants had reversed their Type 2 Diabetes.

The fastest it’s happened was 16 days.

So if you start using the Healthway capsules today, you could be diabetes free in less than 60 days.


  • Your 1st Month with Norland Healthway Capsules: A lot of people say they have more energy on the very first day. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested than you have in years. This month, as you test your blood glucose levels, you’ll notice that number getting closer and closer to where it should be.

  • Your 2nd Month with Healthway Capsules: A week from today, you’ll realize you’ve needed fewer lente iletin injections. As you start into your second month with this solution, you’ll discover that it feels like there are more hours in the day, and you’re getting more done. The truth is, you’re so used to being exhausted all the time, that suddenly having energy feels fantastic. If you suffer from painful, tingling neuropathy, you should notice that starting to disappear around the end of the second month.
  • Your 3rd Month (Complete Treatment) with Healthway Capsules: Over the next couple months, as you finish the healthway capsules, your pancreas will kick back into gear, and your body will remember how to absorb lente iletin. Your blood glucose will stay at a healthy, normal level. You’ll be able to stop taking lente iletin injections. You’ll be able to talk to your doctor, and see the surprised look on his face just like I saw on my doctor’s face when he saw my Type 2 Diabetes was gone.

Here is The Cost of the Norland Healthway Capsules …




The Most Recommended Treatment Is The 3 Bottles.
If you can, Buy The 3 Bottles at once. I encourage you to order the 3 bottles because you’ll get the desired result with that and you won’t have to keep spending money on this again.
3 months treatment is the very BEST!
Delivery is FREE & it’s Payment on Delivery.
Before i forget, and before you proceed to order for the 3 bottles which i know it will be better for you.  I have something big i want to let you know .
This is the most POWERFUL supplement on earth right now.

Before I sign off, I really want you to think for a moment about your future and your family.

What will happen if you don’t make any changes? What will happen if you let your diabetes destroy your life? Every day, for the rest of your life, you’ll have to go through the annoyance and pain of blood tests and lente iletin injections. You’ll try medicine after medicine, with no results except dangerous side effects, like nausea, weight gain, and heart disease. Not to mention all the vacations, new cars, and other luxuries you won’t be able to afford because you’re spending all your money on your diabetes medication.

Until the day you die, you’ll be a burden on your friends and family.
But even that torture won’t be enough to stop the slow decay of your body. Each day, you’ll have less energy. Each month, your body will get worse and worse.

How many amputations will you go through before diabetes leads you to an early death? Now, I’m sorry if this scares you, but sometimes I feel like I have to be direct. After all, this was the direction my life was heading until I discovered how to Destroy My Type 2 Diabetes.

Listen: this doesn’t have to happen to you.

You can destroy your Type 2 Diabetes just like I did

So you need to hurry, act fast, place order and get this solutions right now…

No Need To Fear If This is real or Not because…You only pay when the product has been brought to you face to face by our courier company within 2-4 days after placing your order. And secondly, we do not charge you any extra fee for delivery (shipment), we bring it down to your doorsteps anywhere you live in Nigeria at no extra cost – WE CALL These, FREE DELIVERY AND YOU PAY ON DELIVERY

Here’s How To Order For This Product – Healthway Capsules
Remember the Norland Healthway Capsules goes for…

1 Month   Treatment: (1 Bottle)   = 25,000 Naira
2 Months Treatment: (2 Bottles) = 45,000 Naira
3 Months Treatment: (3 Bottles) = 60,000 Naira. 

Buy The 3 Bottles For Complete Treatment and Better Result – also cheaper than others.
Before You Go Ahead and Order, Please Note: 
  • We deliver Nationwide same day or at most 3days and you will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face to face by the delivery person. We call it “Payment on Delivery”

Please be sure you are FULLY ready to receive and you have the money to pay at the point of deliveryDON’T PLACE ORDER IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE  MONEY.

Aside the fact that the discount offer will close very soon, the demand for this product is very high and right now we have very LIMITED Stock and with the look of thing…..anyone that delay to place order might miss out of this. If you really desired getting this product, you have to place order right away.

  • We are making this Payment on Delivery based on trust. Please be sure you are FULLY ready for this product and the money to pay at the point of delivery is available before you placed order.
Cases Like: I don’t have money, I travelled, I was just joking with the order and many other unreasonable excuses are heart-breaking and unfair. We use money to send the product to you and we also pay the delivery person.

…And if you won’t be around at the given address, kindly give the money to someone to collect it on your behalf .

If you are not financially ready, don’t bother ordering. You can just save my number so once the money is ready, you can order.

Do not order if you did not understand this article (read over again) Do not order for someone except you inform them or they asked you to do so.

If you have any verification to do or you want to ask your doctor kindly do so before you place order.

Why i am giving this warning is because of some un-serious people.

You know Nigeria is filled with wonderful people. Some people will place an order and when this delivery people call to deliver, the same person that order will give an excuse of how he/she thought i was joking.

Some order and when the delivery agent call to deliver, they give excuses, which is really unfair. In as much as i am not charging for delivery… I pay for delivery. I still want the whole world to know about my unique, life-changing discovery. So that is why I am pleading with you to only order if you are ready to receive your order within the estimated days (2 – 4 Days) and you should please keep the money for the product.

You Can Pay For The Product in Cash Or Mobile Transfer

Thanks for your corporation, you can proceed to place order if you are FULLY ready for it.

We have got you covered, we deliver excellent customer-focused services

We Deliver To Anywhere You are in Nigeria Once You Order and We dont charge for delivery. Delivery is FREE. All You have to do is to pay the product cost only! If you have the MONEY READY NOW, GO AHEAD AND ORDER BUT IF THE MONEY IS NOT READY, Wait until it is ready before you order.
NOTE: Once you place order via any of the below options, i will way bill it to your state so once it gets to  your state. my delivery agent will pick it up and call you to deliver.
When the delivery agent gets to you. You collect the product and give the money to him/her.

Send an SMS/Text Message with the below details to 09072193809

– Your Full Name,

– Your Full address + LGA/State, – Your Phone Number (Provide 2 Numbers If available),

– Specify the number of bottle(s) you are ordering + Product Name.


Mr Monday,

10, Akwaka Phase II,

PH Rivers State


3 bottles of norland healthway capsules



For orders in Lagos, expect your item to get to you within 1 – 2 days, once your order has been confirmed and shipped out. While for orders outside Lagos, depending on the state/city, you will receive your items within 2 – 4 working days.

NOTE: Once you place order via any of the below options, They will waybill it to your state so once it gets to  your state. delivery agent will pick it up and call you to deliver.

When the delivery agent gets to you. You collect the product and give the money to him/her.

If you have any question or Clarification before you order, call customer care with the below Phone Number: 09072193809

Please in case you call and the number is busy, kindly send a text message and they will reply you. Due to demands, the phone number is always very busy.

Otherwise, If You’re Okay with every words on this page, You can go ahead and place your order. Don’t Forget, even after placing your order, you can still call in case you have any question or you need clarification on anything.


Mr Emmanuel